There comes a day when you look in the mirror and you begin to see the first wrinkles and you think about how little you take care of yourself. You begin to investigate what skin care consists of and you are overwhelmed by blogs telling you that you need to perform 10 steps with their respective 10 products to get porcelain skin. You close the computer and convince yourself that you're not so bad either.

We come to tell you that it is not that they have deceived you, but it is not necessary that much. Remember that the skin is our largest organ and has to be cared for both inside and out, and to notice the difference you don't need a complex routine that takes up half an hour of your day.


A minimalist routine can consist of:

1.Cleansing: Washing your face, either with a facial soap or simply with water, is essential to remove dirt and prevent sebum from accumulating.

2.Baba: men have the difference compared to women in that the beard area requires spending time because otherwise you will suffer from itching and flaking. To avoid this, you must hydrate the area either with after shave if you shave or with a beard lotion that will hydrate both the skin and the hair.

3.Moisturizing: do you want skin that doesn't look 10 years older? Then you have to hydrate it so that it does not oxidize and age faster. Both in the morning and at night it is important that you apply it (and gently, otherwise you will accentuate wrinkles). There are also other formulas to refresh and hydrate the skin that are much more fluid, such as facial mists, which you spray on your face, let it dry, and you immediately have a good face.

4.Sunscreen: yes, we know that this may remind us of the traumas on the beach with sunscreen that left you white, but times have changed and now there are transparent sunscreens even in spray form. Avoid burns, dehydration and stains. Sunscreen will be your ally to stop aging.

And that's it! You don't need any more complications to start taking care of your skin and see the results soon.

At Essentials we want to take care of your skin as well as your hair and for you to trust in the quality seal that we have achieved throughout all our years. We know the needs of men and that is why we have worked to develop the perfect products that we ourselves would use to achieve a good face without complications.

Simple steps, an even simpler application and a design that reminds you that the weekend is getting closer and that you don't need to get serious or mystical to do a skin care.

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