Do you notice your hair is duller and falling out more? It could be due to the change of season, hormones, or because you are not taking care of him properly. If hair is not cared for in a manner appropriate to its needs, it can trigger many problems such as flaking, itching, or even hair loss due to lack of nutrients. Then comes the big question, how do you take care of your hair if just washing it is not enough?

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To have healthy and strong hair you must take into account a series of things:

1. Eat healthy.

Yes, it is very important for your hair that you have a balanced diet to acquire all the nutrients from the inside; However, this does not mean that you cannot have a good time, the important thing is to maintain a balance and not abuse a bad diet.

2.Use the right products.

Many men, out of ignorance, tend to buy the cheapest shampoo in the supermarket because what difference does it make? Well, it matters a lot because you are surely altering your skin barrier and weakening your hair. Knowing your hair and its needs is essential to start taking good care of it.

For example, if you notice it is dry, you have to use a shampoo that cleans deeply but also hydrates your hair like Essentials Refreshing shampoo.
Or if you have weak, weak hair, use Essentials Energize Shampoo to give your hair extra protein to regain its natural strength.

3.Try not to wash it daily.

This can overdry your scalp and cause flaking, but we understand that there are times when it is necessary, which is why you have to opt for options on the market that are formulated for this, such as the Pure Balance shampoo from Essentials, which is not aggressive, cleans and refreshes the scalp and prevents the appearance of dandruff.

4.Neither too much nor too little, wash it when it is dirty.

Whether you have sweated too much, or have other products in your hair like waxes, don't go to sleep with it on. Even if you are short on time, prioritize a quick shower to eliminate those impurities that are attacking your hair and clogging the follicle. There are shampoos on the market like the All In One from Essentials, which is perfect for these situations where speed rewards, since it acts as a shampoo, conditioner and gel to get out of the shower clean.

5.The last wash always with cold water.

We know that showering with hot water is sacred, but if you use cold water only in the last rinse, you will see how your hair is healthier and shinier. This is because the cuticle has closed and all the properties of the shampoo, and the conditioner if you have applied it, have remained inside.


They are easy tips to follow and do not require much effort to implement in your hair care routine to achieve healthy, soft and shiny hair. Maintaining good hygiene and hydration in your hair can save you big problems in the future that require more drastic solutions.

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